Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jamberry Nails

I recently joined the Jamberry Family. I heard about this new consultant thing from a friend off Facebook. I looked into it and talked to Tony and mom about joining. This is a newer company with not a lot of consultants, so there is room to grow.

They are nail wraps which are applied with heat. They stay on your nails for two weeks and toes for six. They give you style for any mood or just for fun. They have adult sizes and juniors for younger children. They are non-toxic and the adhesive are not bad for your nails. To remove, just apply heat, soak in oil or coconut oil and gently peel off.

Each sheet come with two manicures and one pedicure. $15 a sheet. Buy three get one free. I had a launch party to show and tell this new company. As a hostess I received free sheets and half off items. Totally worth it! If anyone would like to have free item please get with me to host an event.

Like getting your girlfriends together for fun and wine? Have a Jamberry party! Are you hosting a child's sleepover or birthday party? Have a Jamberry party. Hey what is there to loose? You get FREE wraps!

I joined the Jam family to help raise money and pay for Jacob's hospital bills. This will be a little side job. If anyone would like to join the Jam family let me know! If you need extra cash to help pay for bill, or if you like to party at other people's houses.  I will answer any questions you may have. The more consultants you have under you, the more money you make off parties!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July in a Nut Shell

It's been awhile i know. We have had a busy summer. Work, Feeds, percussions, diaper changes and smiles. I feel so bad that we leave Gracie out sometimes. She loves her brother so much. Always looking for him and concerned when he cries. She stopped eating his diapers. I think she learned her lesson.  Here is Jake getting his percussions last night.They are easy to do when he is in his chair or swing. Dayton Children's got us the very heavy, long vibrating machine with the cup on the end. It is used over his lungs to break up any mucus. He likes for us to do this on him. All smiles when I talk to him. 

This past Sunday, The Fraze had Kenny Loggins play, for a charity event, for Cystic Fibrosis. The Fraze does this every year. So if you couldn't come this year there is alway next year. The event coordinator spoke about Jake. He also spoke about a girl who had a lung transplant and a 60 year old who also has CF.  I wish they went into detail on his condition. They may have gotten more money. Maybe even showed a picture. Mom got us tickets. Julie, Scott, Cameron, Rado's and mom's friend Debbie and her husband also came. Thanks for coming to support the cause.
Here is Tony and I wearing out DCH tshirts. You can buy these in their gift shop. All proceeds go to DC.  Only $12 not much. And you can order any color. 

 Last Saturday, we went and met my cousin in Richmond, IN Cracker Barrel. She let us borrow her son's rock 'n Play. Let me tell you that was a God sent! Her son Lincoln slept it in until now. He is five months old.  Jake got to meet his second cousin Lincoln.  Probably didn't know who he was. I can't wait till they get older so they can play together and not look at each other in their car seats. Tony, mom and Cathrine's mom, Fran came also.
 Here i am with Lincoln. He is five months here. 16 pounds. A lot heavier than Jake.
 Here is Cathrine with Jake. Yes, Cameron, she has a Butler T-shirt on! He was OK. Not wanting his photo taken tho.  He was hungry.
 Here he is in the Rock 'N Play. Not sure what its all about, but he did sleep for 8 hours the first night and the rest of the week he has slept through the night. 8PM is when he likes to go to bed and then wake up around 5AM to eat. He then usually goes back to bed after his bottle for another hour.
 This was taken over at the Langer's house. Julie was holding him talking to him. No laugh yet but ill take the smiles. He is ticklish under his arm pits. Who isn't?
 His new dog hat.
Aunt Sarah, feeding and Cousin Addison. Who is a great baby sitter! Jake started to smile at her when she sang to him.
My little dude! I have so much love for this little boy. I can not get enough of him and kisses. I can't wait till he will start giving kisses back and not rubbing his boogers on me. Like he just did. :)