Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jake update, FIVE Months Now!!

I haven't written a blog in awhile. Its hard entertaining a FIVE month old! He only likes to sleep 20-30 minute naps. I can't believe five months ago we were an emotional roller coaster. On a daily basis we are trying to remember his enzymes, percussions, eating ourselves, feeding the dog and going to work full time. Jake is now starting to eat baby food. Granted, he was eating apple sauce at one week of his life. Now, he is trying more different flavors.  He loves apples, pears, sweet potatoes. 
(this picture is him at birth, lower left one month, top right two months and then at three months)

 Here is the little man, first time with sweet potatoes. This week I tried green beans. He HATES green beans. I put them in and they come right back out with a disgust look on his face.

 Jake went to see Dr. Wolf on Tuesday. He is his pulmonary doctor at Dayton Children's. He says he looks AWESOME! Lungs sound good, gaining weight and all. BUT, his nutritionist says he isn't gaining weight well. At his four month check up, he weighed 15.7, now he is only 16, 25 inches in length.  She has upped his enzyme intake to five capsules. He was only taking four. We have to open the capsules and put the small beads in apple sauce. I will have to take a picture of it next time I feed. They are tiny, white "rock" like beads (their hard) and he takes like a champ. When he gets teeth, she said the toddlers try to chew them. I can't wait till he can just swallow the capsules.

We now have to add melted butter and salt to his baby food. Or oils. Add more calories and fat in his meals. I wish I could suck some of the fat off me to give to him. I gain it so well :)

They checked his belly button hernia and he said they may have to surgical fix it. Feels like its not healing. Possibly when he turns one or sooner.

 Five month old picture. He is discovering more toys and now his feet. Loves pulling his socks off. He isn't rolling over yet. I hope in the next few weeks he will. He sleeps at night. Goes to bed around 7:30-8PM takes down 7-8 ounces with rice cereal. He will then sleep till 5 or 6 AM.

Here is Jake on our walk a few weeks ago. He loves being held, LOVES this carrier. He watched me wash the dishes the other day in this carrier. He has a fascination with trees. He stared at them the whole walk. Tony pulled down the limb and yanked off a leaf.

Jake is usually a happy baby (until he fights his naps, he has lungs and gets loud) He loves to suck his fingers, he can get his finger in while he is sucking on his bottle nipple,  laughs when you tickle him. Ticklish around his neck and feet.

Next Friday, is our charity CF run/walk. Its called Run Like Hell in cincinnati. A 5K around a cemetery. My family is walking it with Jake in tow. Ill get a lot of pictures and post later.

Well Jake has been sleeping for a half an hour. It is time for me to turn in!