Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Little Jacob loves to eat. Eating every two hours now. Four-five ounces. He is going through a growth spurt.  He is cooing and chatting back to you. He is sleeping better at night. Right before we lay him down he will eat five ounces and then wake up around 1-2 am. Then again at 5 or 6 to eat. Then usually he will go back to bed in his swing until the next feeding. 

Here is my favorite picture my mom text me while she was sitting him on Monday. He is such a happy baby. Getting so much love from everyone. 

Here he is napping this morning. When he is napping in the morning you are on the couch napping next to him. I am still tired tho. I need an 8 hour night with no interruptions. He started to rub his face on you and bury it in your arm pit. He likes to fall asleep like this. When you have him on his stomach, he bounces with his legs. Pushes on your thighs. He is a very strong little man. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First day back at work

Ban I know I haven't posted since Jacob came home but I've been busy with him. Either he is eating, sleeping or crying. Eating is a chore to him. Half the time is sleeping through his feedings. When you want him to burp he doesn't then screams because it hurts his belly. I swear the neighbors probably think I'm hurting him. It's sad. 

I think more of it is his intestines are reworking for him. He crys in pain when he try's to toot or poop. I feel so bad for him. 

Today is my first day back to work. Since Jacob can not go to day care his first year, work helped us with tony and my schedule. Today, tony worked 4am-12 pm. I work 1 pm to 10. So seeing tony will only be in passing. Some of our schedules will be like this.  Hope he takes a nap with tony because it was a long night and no sleep for any of us. 

No daycare for Jacob is because he is more prone to germs with having cf. Bacteria can grow faster in his lungs and put him back in the hospital. They really want to wait till 6 months to give him a flu shot. 

Here he is today holding his paci once again. Sometimes it's ok other times he pulls it out and cries again  

Yesterday we went to the Langer's. He loves staring at people. Here is Jack, my cousin.

Jake, Alex and jack. 

Baby sitter Addison. She loves her cousin. Always wants to help out with him.