Friday, June 20, 2014

Bath Time

This morning, I brought Tony Golden Nugget for breakfast and I made it just in time for rounds. Tony said last night was bad. He was up half the night in pain. They gave him some pain meds to calm him down. This morning, in his suction tube, it was black like coffee grounds. Doctors said they have seen this color. They are monitoring it. It looks like his stomach lining is irritated and can have some blood. They are talking about taking that tube out for sucking and enter another tube for feeding. Jake was rooting for some food last night. Heard more bowel sounds. Hope he has a stool today.

Here is a picture of him this morning
Less swelling. His eyes still look bad, to me. He got a bath this morning too. He loved it until he got cold and screamed. 
Thanks to Erica (Bruno) Hummel. Friend from High School brought us snacks and drinks. We will be here for awhile. Doctors are talking about moving us to the third floor today. 

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