Tuesday, June 24, 2014

He Loves Visitors

Here we are still in Jake's hospital room. Slushy machine is turned off and we are both bummed. They are so good! I don't want to turn it on because they it is so loud. Our bathroom is right next to the room, you can hear it from the bathroom. Here is a picture of Mr. Jacob at nap time. I brought him a little outfit that buttons in the front so they can still get to his IV. Now he isn't naked.

We had some visitors today, this morning mom came around 9AM so I could go home and get a shower before my hair apt.  Thanks MOM! Jake already loves his Pam'ma. I am blessed to have an awesome aunt who does hair. Thanks JULIE!  She did a Brazilian Blowout on my hair. Hope its not so fuzzy when its dry. I saw Sam from work in the parking garage. He brought his son in for a cancer treatment. I think between Sam and I we know this hospital from one end to another.

Tony came up after work, around 2PM. Mike (Tony's dad) came up and brought up Marion's Pizza. Thanks Mike! So much better than hospital food. Theresa was here too when she got off work.

Around 7PM, my friend Katie, her daughter Brynn and mother, Mamma P came to visit. That was very sweet of them to see Jake. He appreciates all his visitors. He is so loved. A lot of the nurses and doctors say Jake's room is the most popular room with visitors. Even up in the NICU. I tell them he is a celebrity.

Jake is now having his breathing treatment. He gets this four times a day. Then percussions to break up any mucus in his lungs. CF patients have more sticky mucus than usual and leads to respiratory infections if not done. He sometimes tolerates the treatment, or he is screaming on the top of his lungs.

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