Friday, June 20, 2014

Please go to bed

Tonight, tony let me go home to sleep. You don't appreciate your own bed and sleep when you sleep on a hospital couch. Next few nights I will be on that couch while tony works. But today has been bad. Jake has not taken a nap all day. I mean he has been up and cranky all day long. Maybe dozed off for 5 mins. Then woke up crying.

I just text tony to see how he was. Maybe sleeping?! Oh no, it's 10:30 and still crying and looking around. Nurses gave him Tylenol and another pain meds to see if he will fall asleep. Dear lord please let them both sleep. 

This was earlier today. 
Wally bear. Changes his outfit everyday. Hospital mascot. Oh and we also changed rooms. We are now on the third floor. Left the picu. I will miss all the nurses on that floor. I feel like on the third floor they forget about us. Well off to bed until a new adventure tomorrow. 

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