Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hospital Observance

While staying here at the hospital, I am very aware with my surroundings. Smells are the top of the list. Elevators are the worst. We now take the stairs. The elevator in the parking garage, if you ever ride it smells like stale french fries and ketchup. When we would get onto an elevator, after someone got off, it always smelled like a mixture of BO and an ashtray. Nasty! People take care of your hygiene! They are the dirtiest of the hospital. Probably never cleaned.

I loved the smell going into the NICU. It was a clean smell, mixed with diapers and baby powder. I know I am weird.

I thought this hospital was smoke free. Every time I leave, I walk over a cigarette butt. On the side walk or in the parking garage. For your health and everyone's health, stop smoking! It makes you smell. Not look cool.

Since I have stayed here, with the little man, for so long, it would be nice if this hospital would have a workout center. For the doctors, patients and parents staying at the hospital. I feel so lazy laying around pumping. Only exercise I get is walking down to the cafeteria.  I know i could probably start being a "mall" walker around the hospital but I don't want people to talk.

The plus side of being here on Tuesday's, it is Chick-fil-a Tuesday. You have to come early. They sell out by 1PM. We experienced that one day and had to have meatloaf.

No new updates about Jake. He is going to be released on Friday. He will leave with his broviac IV in. We will make an apt for doctors 10 days from now, I do believe. Have a check up and see if we still need the broviac IV. Hope we don't need it and he can have it taken out and we don't have to have any more surgeries. This little boy needs to live and have fun outside of the hospital. Mommy and daddy need to go out and have fun in the real world.

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