Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ventilator out

5:30pm doctors and nurses came in and took out Jake's ventilator. His throat is swollen and he was trying to cry he sounds hoarse. 
He had an issue with his breathing because he got upset and kept trying to cry. Since his throat is swollen from the ventilator his airway started to close up. Three nurses and a doctor ran in. They put something up his nose with saline to help his nasal passages and helped with oxygen. It helped, but he looks at you like, what the hell are you doing to me. Help me! He has a rash or they call baby acne all over his face. 
Hope he sleeps well tonight and breathes through the night. Scary to think your child will stop breathing. Tony is staying with him tonight. It's so sad to leave the hospital again. Im so upset my child has to lay in the PICU and I can't help him. To top everything off, I left my pump equipment at the hospital. Hope I don't explode.

Thanks to mom today, she brought lunch, Fusian. Nancy and Andrew came to visit too. (Tony's aunt and cousin) Andrew came home from Korea after living there for two years. Haven't seen him since he left. 

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