Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lazy Day

Jacob has been sleeping all day. In between his breathing treatments and feedings. Tony and I watched three episodes of The Orange is the New Black and soccer at 3PM. Then we both passed out. Mom and Dad showed up and took us out to dinner. We needed to get out and see some sunshine. They took us to Dewey's Pizza by UD. It was nice to leave but sad to leave Jake at the hospital. Tony left from Dewey's and went home. Mom and Dad took me back to the hospital where I sleep for the next 6 days unless he comes home.

Another nurse came in and asked for me to wipe Jake down with 2% Chlorhexideine Gluconate Cloth. It was warm. I guess he needed this since he has a broviac catheter.

Jake has been up since I got back, he has been fed and now another breathing treatment. Hope he will sleep tonight. If not, Ill be a zombie tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be good. We will start him on breast milk. He acts so hungry. Rooting and his paci isn't doing much in that department.

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