Friday, June 27, 2014


Today is the day, Jacob is coming home. We were waiting for the 10th treatment of his antibiotics. Should start it around 3PM and takes 4 hours to complete. Other than that, his belly looks good and he is eating. Well, I should say he loves to eat during the day. At nights, he only eats 2 ounces. He is usually sleeping while eating. We have to wake him up to eat still because they are wanting him to gain weight.  He actually lost weight from last night. As a CF patient, his body doesn't nourish all of what he needs. Thats why we are to give him enzymes to help. So with him eating is a big thing. and continue to gain weight.

 Here is Jake, June 15 when we took him into the ER. The second picture is of him today. He was so sick. I just can't believe that it would happen so fast over night. If you think something is wrong, don't hesitate, take your child to the doctor! If we waited any longer, after surgery, his intestines would have burst. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something worse happened.
This is dragon breathing treatment. He is tolerating it more. Mixed with saline and Albuterol. This helps with breaking up any mucus in his lungs. He coughs and sneezes during it. 

Today, a nurse who will be coming to our house weekly and change Jake's broviac dressing came in and showed us how to flush his IV line. Showing us how crucial it is to make everything so sterile. Another lady came in and gave us a percussion massager. Said it was covered from insurance. Jake loves it. We have to do this twice a week. On his back, front and sides under arm pits. 

 Yesterday, we had two visitors. Kathyrn from work brought us lunch. Thank you so much! She brought us Olive Garden, soup and salad. Our room reeked of garlic, but that was ok. It was good!
 Here is Jobe feeding Jake. Stared at him the whole time while Jobe sang to him.
 One of our nurses we had during the week, who is obsessed with Jacob, turned on the slushy machine and gave us slushies. We told her the story and felt bad I guess.

Here is another picture of today. Will miss all of the nurses but glad to sleep at home. We have a follow up apt with the surgeons, next week, so hope they will see him progressing and then take out the broviac.

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