Sunday, June 22, 2014


Jacob has been up all day besides a 30 min nap. This morning he had his last pedilite and we started him on breast milk. He started at 15 ML, we are going up 5ML every feeding. At 7PM he will have 30 ML. He is starving! Keeps looking for more after his bottle. He knows his paci is a joke. Nothing comes out.
This was him this morning. Wants to know what we are doing every minute of the day. I maybe got a 15 minute nap. Tony came back after work. 

Today, our visitors were the Wessel's. My sister, Sarah and bro-in-law, Jack. They brought us Fusian. Is it bad that we had Fusian three times this week? I don't :) 
Here is Sarah and her nephew. 

Cameron and Savanna came to visit too. This was a therapy dog named, Rocky. St. Bernard mix. He went up to cameron's hips. He was huge.

We have noticed on the weekends this place is dead. Usually this main hall is packed with patients, doctors and nurses.  Tony and i went down to the cafeteria for dinner. Grilled cheese and tomato soup wasn't bad.

Jacob was still awake when we got back. I ask the nurse for a bouncy chair that vibrates. We put this in his bed and now sleeping a little. Wonder if he will sleep in this tonight and myself. I hope! I am exhausted!

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  1. To add onto this post… reason why he has been cranky all day, they only gave him tylenol once today and that was at 9:30 AM. He just got a dose of it and now sleeping. so good night everyone!