Monday, June 23, 2014

No Communication

This morning is looking up for our little man. His surgeon came in and said, oh he looks awesome he can go home today or tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow. He also got mad that Jake still had his foot IV in. He went out to the hall and said, Why does he still have his IV in? I ordered for it to be out last Friday! So Jake's foot IV is out and they stopped his TPN and Lipids. He is now on half feeds (full feeds this evening)

Dr. Bacon came in, the pulmonary dr. She said he will be here until his antibiotics are done. He had a bacteria growing in his lungs/throat. When they did some suction from the ventilator, they did a lab on it and showed the bacterial. But everything looks good now. Just need to finish his 10 day antibiotics. Today is day six. That means we should be leaving by Friday morning.

We could leave tomorrow, but he would need to finish his antibiotics at home. He will be coming home with his broviac catheter IV. We could do it at home. Every 8 hours he will need it and then the nurse would come to our house and change his dressing. The area of giving his antibiotics would need to be sterol. If any germ get into the line could possible have more of an infection or bacterial growth. Not sure if I want to go that direction if anything would happen. I would feel so sad. It is in the heart area. He would be back in the hospital.

This was this morning when he was having his percussions. He loved it. Was so relaxing. He is a ladies man. He had four nurses around his bed. Loving on him and of course doing vitals, taking out IV and his percussions. I told him he had to many ladies in 
his bed.

He loves his new hat. A lady who worked with Amy (Eric's GF) made this hat for him. 

Today Julie and mom came to visit. Brought me My Favorite Muffin. Tony is at work today. Julie wasn't feeling good this past week but really wanted to see Jake. I told her she would have to wear the gown and mask. No germs in this room. If you do come to visit, make sure you wash your hands. Soap and water please!

Julie took this photo. He is now happy he gets to eat food and not pedilite. Pain meds every six hours. Tylenol and motrin. 

Today they are doing work on the hospital. Workers are on the first floor. We are on the third floor. The drilling and hammering started at 7AM and it sounds like they are on the floor under us. It is so loud! It sounds like they are jackhammering. In the little kitchen, we can use on this floor, has a slushy machine. It was broken and Tony really wanted some. I asked the nurse yesterday when it will be fixed. Well today it was fixed. I asked the nurse if i can try it. She said it was for patients only. Really? I will drink it for my son. He would have loved it. Well I just snuck another one! Blue Raspberry. Shhh don't tell. 
The ER has two flavors of slushies. Tony and I got them when we came in back on the 15th. We pay a $200 co pay when we visit the ER, so its our very expensive slushy!


  1. Love his smile! We will meet him soon! Deb Neal

  2. Ha ha ha, I've had their slushies too, they are good and what that nurse should have said is, in supposed to say they are for patients only and winked. This is all great news! Love his sweet little face!